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Rescover – Find Your Target Customers


It’s not easy for property managers to find the best clients in their area, but a new software bridges the gap. 

Rescover identifies and connects property managers with investment portfolio owners that they want to work with. It lets property managers easily find owner leads based on the existing properties they own.

Rescover’s software has multiple features that help property managers grow with both new and existing clients. One of the most significant features is the leads harvesting engine. It’s a powerful tool to instantly find investment property owners, and gain access to their contact information. Managers can look for the owners of a range of property types on Rescover, including single-family homes, multi-unit homes, offices, retail properties, mobile home parks, RV parks, and self-storage properties. Users can filter their search by any of these options for more relevant results.

A big benefit of Rescover for property managers is that it identifies owners who have multiple properties which are located in a specific area. They can view, for instance, every owner that has 3 to 15 rentals in their management area.  These are owners who have made the choice to be landlords. By focusing on these more qualified leads, property management offices can avoid a lot of wasted time trying to connect with owners of just one property who may not need management services yet.

Rescover has over 150 million parcels of real estate in their database across all 50 U.S. states. Through simple searches, property managers have much more accessibility to people they’d want to work with.

To perform a search, all a property manager has to do is visit the website, access the leads search feature, and specify the search area, property type, and minimum quantity of properties owned per lead.

Search result details provided by Rescover help users understand whether or not they want to manage the properties that come up.  When the results pour in, users see all the properties owned by the lead, physical property details, property addresses, and the Google street views. They can also see estimated rental rates and projected business value of the lead. Much of the time, the lead’s email address, mailing address, and phone number are also available through skip trace technology.