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How Pest Share Stops the Pest Control Frustration for Property Managers

Landon Cooley
Landon Cooley

Property managers can simplify pest control by offering Pest Share as a resident benefit. Strategic PM sat down with Pest Share CEO and Co-Founder, Landon Cooley, and discussed how the software helps residents schedule and receive services easily with no out-of-pocket costs.

Property managers (PMs) and residents have always faced an age-old problem: dealing with pests! Pests persist even after managers hire expensive pest control companies to inspect and treat problems, inconveniencing residents. Managers might feel good about being proactive with a current issue, but ambiguity enters the picture since pest infestations can be sporadic, seasonal, or unpredictable.

When pests arrive, it’s not always clear what the next steps are. To avoid contacting their PMs and explaining the matter, residents often wait until the issue is serious. They may have tried to deal with the problem on their own or simply didn’t want to cause a fuss. Either way, the longer they wait, the worse the situation gets. This can lead to a breakdown in communication and mistrust between residents and PMs.

This age-old problem calls for a solution. Strategic PM spoke with Co-Founder and CEO, Landon Cooley of Pest Share, to discover how he and his team have turned this unavoidable problem into a benefit for PMs and residents.

How is it possible to take pest control, an issue no one wants to deal with, and turn it into a positive? Landon’s answer is based on changing how people think about pest control.

He explained that the typical way PMs deal with pest control is by calling pest control companies and scheduling appointments which is often difficult and expensive. Sometimes, the right pest control service isn’t even used since the pest wasn’t properly identified in the first place. This disconnect between pest control companies, PMs, and residents usually causes them to finger-point about who is responsible for dealing with the issues and potential property damage.

Landon Cooley

Landon Cooley

CEO and Co-Founder, Pest Share