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LivoSecure: Revolutionize Your Rental Rates


Get more transparency, flexibility, and an organic sense of urgency

The biggest monthly expense most people have is where they live. Searching for a property and renting a home is thus a very personal experience.

Just like the buying and selling market right now, the rental market is seeing a lot of demand with limited inventory. Today’s renters want to call the shots, and they want transparency, flexibility, and a fair playing field.

The rental process for property managers and landlords has been fairly static. There’s a lease term – typically 12 months – a set monthly rental price, and a move-in date. Traditionally, there hasn’t been as much flexibility or negotiating power in this space. This means that renters don’t get the kind of transparency or flexibility they’re looking for. They have no real levers to negotiate. And property managers are leaving higher rental yields and better terms on the table.

Real estate buying and selling brings parties a lot more flexibility and room for negotiation. There are opportunities to bid on the price and compete with other offers. This type of dynamic offering system has not been available in the rental market in the recent past.

The gap filled by LivoSecure

LivoSecure was created to fill in those gaps within the rental process. It’s an organic, market-driven pricing tool that helps both applicants and managers understand the best fit for their needs and the true value of a rental unit.

LivoSecure isn’t a bidding platform or an auction site. It’s a tool that benefits both renters and landlords by increasing transparency and flexibility.