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Introducing a New Software: Lior Abramovich from Blanket Talks Investment Management

Lior Abramovich
Lior Abramovich

Property managers can embrace the mindset shift from property managers to wealth managers. 

Strategic PM is excited to discuss a new software that’s doing amazing things in the industry. Blanket helps property managers keep their doors under management and their clients happy while guiding them to think like investors. The platform allows PMs to become more than service providers – they’re positioned as trusted advisors and wealth managers. Blanket collects owners’ property data automatically (no manual input) and presents an easy-to-read dashboard with up-to-date, actionable data such as home values, equity, net cash flow, and overall financial performance. Using this information, PMs can adjust budgets, marketing strategies, and vendors to improve properties’ profitability.

Find out what else we learned when talking to Blanket Co-Founder and CEO Lior Abramovich.

Blanket’s Mission

Lior created Blanket after he gained years of PM experience and noticed an untapped opportunity. Sometimes both investors and PM companies can’t see growth potential. Property ownership can help people reach their bigger investment goals and build a portfolio.

He helped establish Blanket so PMs could start helping their clients think like investors, not just owners. PMs have the opportunity to be much more than rent collectors or toilet fixers – they can become investment and wealth managers. Blanket’s mission is to help PMs take these steps.

Lior Abramovich

Lior Abramovich

Lior is the Co-Founder and CEO of Blanket, a Venture-Backed Property Retention Platform that helps property managers keep their owners happy and their doors under management. He brings a decade of experience in the Single-Family Rental market with over $200 million worth of acquisitions for over 1,000 individual investors.

During his career, he also co-founded Golden, a nonprofit organization that renovates homes of senior citizens in need and a foundation that has set on a mission to ensure every child in the world has access to clean drinking water.

Lior started his career in real estate after 8 years of service in the Israeli Navy where he was an Executive Officer of the Israeli Naval Academy and a Chief Engineer of an Israeli Navy Warship.