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Why LeadSimple Is Transitioning Into Full Operations Management Software

Strategic PM Staff
Strategic PM Staff

LeadSimple CRM software is popular in property management offices around the country. Discover how the company’s new offerings will transform the daily grind and help your company reach its goals.

If you work in the property management (PM) industry, you’ve likely heard about LeadSimple. The company is known for its PM CRM software that helps track prospects throughout the sales process while nurturing leads and streamlining communications. It’s an excellent tool for property managers because it ensures they stay in touch with potential customers and it improves conversion rates.

Implementing LeadSimple software has been a great way for property management organizations to drive growth, but there was a small problem with its initial offering. It didn’t offer full support for companies once they started growing, leaving firms struggling to keep up with the influx of new clients.

LeadSimple’s CEO, Jordan Muela, understood this challenge, so he expanded the company’s offerings. LeadSimple now offers full operations management and workflow software which automates operational processes and puts much of a property manager’s daily tasks on autopilot.

Strategic PM recently sat down with Jordan to discuss why his (already) successful company felt the need to expand and to discuss how this software can help PM firms nationwide.

How Growth Actually Slows Operations

What caused LeadSimple to transition to full operations management software?

Strategic PM Staff

Strategic PM Staff