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From Headaches to Profits: How Property Meld is Transforming the Maintenance Process

Strategic PM Staff
Strategic PM Staff

Property Meld is a web-based property maintenance software dedicated to simplifying the maintenance process and empowering property management companies to make data-driven decisions. As the leading maintenance software in North America, it gives property managers the ability to lower costs, improve efficiencies, and boost resident satisfaction.

Maintenance: one word that can instantly increase a landlord’s blood pressure. A maintenance request usually triggers the start of a complex process that involves communication, scheduling, and a multitude of other logistics that demand time and energy.

Now, there’s a better solution that property managers (PMs) can harness for property maintenance, and it starts with software that melds the entire process into one cohesive unit. Ray Hespen, CEO and co-founder of Property Meld, sat down with Strategic PM to talk all things maintenance. Here are the best practices he wanted to pass along.

Maintenance is a complicated yet necessary component of property management. From handling work requests to scheduling tickets to sending the right vendor over (and hoping they show up at the right time to the right place), there are many moving parts to ensure everything is taken care of correctly. You want owners and residents to be happy with the process and repair, and costs must be controlled.

PMs and investors also have to consider property ROI, balancing rental income and all costs associated with management, including maintenance, but also property taxes, marketing, insurance, and leasing. Maintenance is a singular line item and a top reason residents leave. PMs are tasked with successfully managing the whole process, as this experience is extremely important to both residents and vendors.

Another maintenance challenge is the potential costs when something goes wrong. Beyond a simple repair, what if someone gets injured and sues you for negligence? The cost of maintenance failure can be extremely high for very small individual instances.

So, PMs must be serious about creating a process, especially as they acquire more doors and grow their businesses. A systematic approach is required.

This is right where Property Meld comes in.

Strategic PM Staff

Strategic PM Staff