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Why Rentvine Is the Software the Property Management Industry Deserves

Dave Borden
Dave Borden

Dave Borden, Co-Founder of Rentvine, discusses how he and his partner, Jonathan Ewen, created a software solution built for property managers and what makes it different from its competitors.

Today’s technology advancements mean that property managers (PMs) don’t have to worry about the chaos of paperwork or the clunky processes of the past. Property management software can improve efficiencies across businesses and helps strengthen customer relationships. 

Rentvine is a comprehensive software solution built specifically for property management companies. Strategic PM talked to Dave Borden, Co-Founder of Rentvine, about all of its benefits. Let’s check out what he had to say.

Rentvine: Software the Industry Deserves

Dave Borden grew up in a PM family business, so he was exposed to the industry early. He’s been starting PM-centric businesses for 22 years now, evolving from advertising to a website company to Rentvine, which expands upon the pedigree Dave and his team have built up over the years. He and his partner, Jonathan, founded Rentvine in 2017, and in April of 2021, the software left the beta testing and development stage.

In his former experiences, Dave found that a lot of customers didn’t love their property management software. He was already looking for a bigger challenge and realized he had the industry knowledge to do it right. There wasn’t a product on the market that the industry truly needed, with stellar support and customization features. So, that became Rentvine’s mantra: “The property management software that the industry deserves.”

Rentvine is a turnkey, full-scale management tool for property management company customers. They can run their whole business on it. Regulatory requirements make up a major part of it, but they can bring in leasing, documents, maintenance requests, reporting, accounting, and more.

Another great thing about Rentvine is that, while they want to be the best at what they do, they recognize that established or new property management companies will still want to use other software. Thus, other third-party software companies can access the same data that Rentvine customers can through their open API, consume it in another software, and send it back in. With the open API, people can use the software of their choice, which is a big differentiator in the market.

Dave Borden

Dave Borden

CEO, Rentvine