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Social Media Marketing Strategies to Maximize PM Presence and Engagement

Strategic PM Staff
Strategic PM Staff

Three industry innovators talk about leveraging social media in the world of PM.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to entrepreneurs and startup businesses. The world of property management (PM) is no different.

Strategic PM sat down with three PM experts to talk about their hacks and strategies to create impressive social media followings. Find out what they do behind the scenes to leverage opportunities social brings to build engagement and lead generation.

Jennifer Ruelens on Maturing Leads with Social

Jennifer Ruelens, broker and owner of One Focus PM in Williamsport, PA, is a 20-year veteran of property management. Jen is a real estate investor, educator, and advocate, and One Focus’s coverage area serves five or six counties in a pretty rural market.

One Focus PM has over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and also relies heavily on Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, the company recently launched a presence on TikTok and Instagram.

Here are a few pro tips Jen has regarding social media marketing:

    1. Mature leads with social: Once someone has already heard about a business, social media serves to mature and nurture that connection. Your social presence serves an audience today who is following your company, but also provides a timeline of your activity to a prospect looking to get a quick impression of the business.

    1. Prioritize video: Post a mix of long-form educational content and short-form material that’s punchier and more fun. Video is easily shareable and promotes more engagement than text or image posts.

    1. Be consistent: Posting consistently ensures continuous connections and helps your footprint. People go online to see when a business last posted to ensure they’re still relevant and active.

    1. Embrace comments: All engagement promotes content. More feedback (of all kinds) = more views.

Jen says, “You have to realize that all engagement is good engagement. Even commentary that may not agree with your points, are ads for your post.”

Her final tip: Just do it. Videos, for instance, don’t always have to be perfect or take much creation time to be effective.

Jen and her team continue to focus on organic growth on social media and strategic ways to expand how they are creating and posting videos.

Michel Lautensack Talks Scorecards

There is buzz about KPIs and metrics that a PM company should hit. But they’re all designed for internal numbers and your own growth, as Michael Lautensack from Del Val Realty and PM points out. The bottom line: clients don’t care how much money you make and how much business you’re getting. Those KPIs aren’t relevant to them.

What they do care about: Did you collect my rent this month? How long was the vacancy period between the last two tenants? How quickly did you sell my property? Focus on what owner clients care about.

Another strong point for Michael and Del Val is their unique and impressive scorecards, which they post about each month on social media. These scorecards let the team know how well they’re doing.

The scorecard quantifies what PMs are doing. It’s a well-designed template and includes 10 items across departments, rentals, HOAs, sales, and maintenance. The scorecard makes it easy to develop quantifiable numbers for critical touchpoints. Owners can then set goals and benchmarks and figure out what’s reasonable and how to define success.

Del Val is active on LinkedIn and other social media sites. The company has also been focused on more nuanced posts about properties. For instance, instead of just a photo of a front door, they now create a thumbnail with the property’s key selling points, along with a strong headline.

The direct objective isn’t to get the phone to ring. The focus is renting clients’ properties faster. In turn, that leads to referrals and long-term owner clients. Social media helps them reach these goals.

Social media is a cost-effective way to develop trust. People see your name and images again and again. With consistency, you’re always there, positioned as an expert in the industry with a presence and compelling content.

Strategic PM Staff

Strategic PM Staff