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FInd the Right Clients and CLOSE: Part I

Jeremy Pound
Jeremy Pound

Embracing the CLOSE framework and focusing on prescribing versus presenting will help you get more ideal-fit clients.

There’s more competition than ever in residential property management. But that also means there’s more opportunity than ever.

Property management will always have a race to quality. Landlords and investors always want to work with supportive teams.

Inbound leads are scarce and valuable, and a resource that must be taken seriously. Focus on winning more clients while being selective, a balance that will help you close ideal clients. In the process, you’ll learn to love closing again.

Seven Reasons You’re Not Closing Sales

Let’s talk about why you’re not generating the closings you want. Every property manager is unique, but issues generally fit within these seven categories:

    1. No confidence in your authority: If you don’t believe you have authority, prospects won’t either.

    1. Lack of conviction or belief: It’s not engaging to recite a list and not convey passion or interest in your work.

    1. TMI: Shift from information overload to prescribing prospects, a concept we’ll discuss more later.

    1. Not listening for the right things: Listen to what your prospects are saying. You can gather a lot of information by asking open-ended questions that let them address their pain points.

    1. Knowing when or how to close: Pay attention and recognize your prospect’s right moment.

    1. Being pushy: Don’t pressure people to close. Instead, present the value of making the right decision for them.

    1. Fearing conflict and confrontation: You have to race to the conflict to close. You can’t avoid it.

When you can recognize and embrace these common reasons salespeople don’t close, you can turn things around and mindfully address them.

Focus on Getting Clients You Love

The goal of sales is clear: getting your ideal-fit clients to yes. Then, you’ll learn to love closing.

Jeremy Pound

Jeremy Pound

Jeremy Pound is the CEO of RentScale and Juicy Results, two firms that help companies systematize and scale their sales. In the last decade, he has helped craft and implement online marketing strategies for countless companies that range in size from the smallest of businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

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