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How to Use Google Analytics (GA4) to Optimize Your Online Marketing Strategy

Strategic PM Staff
Strategic PM Staff

Want to know how users are navigating your website and where your online traffic is coming from? Google’s newest product release can help you understand where your leads come from and where you may be overspending on advertising.

Millions and millions of websites rely on Google Analytics for user and marketing insights. It’s used by over half of all websites, and most businesses that track analytics (86%) use Google. 

To put it simply, the platform provides insights about all kinds of online behaviors people are making that marketers need to track, like client conversions (converting leads into sales), customer behavior, website traffic, and much more. This kind of information is invaluable to property management companies looking to improve their marketing strategies to gain more customers.

Now, Google has introduced the next generation of Google Analytics – Google Analytics 4 (G4). As of July 1, 2023, Google’s original Analytics tool isn’t processing anything, and you’ll need to migrate to GA4. 

So, what does the update mean for you? Or, what if you’re completely new to Google Analytics? How can you use it to its fullest as a property manager (PM)? This guide lays it all out.

How to Set Up GA4 and Event Tracking

If you don’t already have a GA4 account, you’ll first need to create one. This is where you include the website you want to start tracking with the new tool. To do it, follow these instructions:

    • Click “Start measuring” under “Welcome to Google Analytics”

    • Enter an account name

    • Open data-sharing settings and figure out which data you’re okay sharing with Google

    • Click “Next” to add your first property

*Note: If you already have a Google Analytics account, start at this step and then continue below: In Admin, look at the Account column to ensure you’ve selected the right account, and then, in the Property column, select Create Property.

    • Add the property name (like My Business website) and select your time zone and currency

    • Select your industry category and size of your business

    • Indicate how you’ll use Google Analytics (i.e., “Generate more leads”)

    • Click “Create” and accept Google’s terms

    • Start collecting data by selecting your device type (iOS app, Android app, web)

Once you’re set up, you can start monitoring essential “events”, which are behaviors from your audience like inquiries and conversions. Tracking this information provides valuable data about your business and your clients.

Strategic PM Staff

Strategic PM Staff

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