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How Respect, Teamwork, and Simplicity, Plus Professional Legal Services, Have Helped Dave Gorham Take Realty Solutions to the Next Level

Dave Gorham
Dave Gorham

Realty Solutions is a growing property management firm in South Jersey that’s driven by its core values and differentiated by its comprehensive real estate legal services. Discover how founder and CEO Dave Gorham stays true to the company’s values while pushing it toward its goals.

The property management (PM) industry is incredibly dynamic, bringing new challenges and opportunities every day. As a result, having a clear framework to follow in your interactions with owners, tenants, employees, and vendors is vital as it prevents you from getting caught up in the emotion of the moment and overreacting to a situation.

It’s easy to get frustrated when the job gets challenging. This frustration could result from tenants or property owners failing to follow your advice or ignoring the written agreements you have in place with them. The next steps are crucial because you want to keep your firm and your clients or partners on the same page.

Dave Gorham, Founder and CEO of Realty Solutions in South Jersey, keeps an even keel by following his organization’s core values: respect, teamwork, and simplicity. Together with company Co-Founder, CLO, and Attorney, Robert Gleaner, Esquire, the two leaders are doing an excellent job of coaching their team to success.

Strategic PM recently sat down with Dave to discuss Realty Solutions’ core values, how they are driving success and creating a more cohesive environment,  and how offering professional legal services from Robert, a practicing attorney of 40 years, makes the difference for real estate-related matters.

Keep It Simple

Although it sounds counterintuitive, keeping things simple often takes extra work. But, Dave isn’t scared of this workload and believes it’s worth the effort because the result is a more straightforward relationship with your clients.

What does keeping it simple really mean?

Dave Gorham

Dave Gorham

Founder, CEO, Visionary,
New Jersey Realty Solutions

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