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How One Founder’s Vision to Make Property Management an Enjoyable Job Has Led to the Success of Keyrenter Denver

Brandon Scholten
Brandon Scholten

Keyrenter Denver built its company culture on positivity and people-oriented management driven by founder and CEO, Brandon Scholten’s, desire to make property management a good job. Discover how it helps them drive their 5,000-door goal and actually enjoy their work.

Successful companies are driven by clear, compelling visions that stoke passion in the people who work for them. As a leader, one of your most important responsibilities is defining and sharing an aspirational vision that promotes alignment, inspires action, and propels the team toward achieving ambitious goals. 

Steve Jobs was renowned for his visionary leadership at Apple, which exemplified the effective communication of a company’s vision. Jobs unveiled the first iPod in 2001 with the ambitious concept of “putting 1,000 songs in your pocket.” Apple relentlessly communicated this dream, unveiling products with an enthusiastic energy that modeled the vision for employees.

We’ve admired that same passionate, inspiring vision in Brandon Scholten, CEO of Keyrenter Denver. His driving force is to make property management more than a tolerable (or worse, miserable) job. He emphasizes, along with his Chief of Staff, Andrew Tibert, that Keyrenter Denver’s culture is built on how they focused on this early, and are building on that throughout the establishment of their culture to the present day. Strategic PM recently sat down with Brandon and Andrew to get the inside scoop on how they’ve built a positive, people-oriented company culture that not only drives them to set and attain short-term and long-term objectives but makes the company a place where people want to work, help each other, and thrive.

From 1,000 to 5,000 doors

Brandon and his team are grateful for where they are today as they’ve established Keyrenter Denver as a company that people want to be a part of. It is a “Best Places to Work” award winner and a “Top 3 Property Management in Denver” recipient. Brandon and Andrew attribute the company’s growth to a culture of high-performing, helpful people who love what they do.

Though they currently manage roughly 1,000 doors, their long-term goal is to reach 5,000 doors by 2028. Keyrenter Denver is poised to meet this goal because Brandon and the entire staff are on the same page with a clear vision for the company’s future – which is to maintain a strong, positive, “we” culture where everyone’s unique gifts are celebrated and put to use in the right environment.

Next, we’ll discuss how the positive culture building got started.

Brandon Scholten

Brandon Scholten

Owner, Keyrenter Denver