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Coffee With Closers ft. Kelli Bonner of Rent It Network

Kelli Bonner
Kelli Bonner

Kelli Bonner

In my experience, confidence goes a long way in property management. I started out doing outside sales for a home healthcare company in Tampa Bay, and I was expected to knock on at least 80 doors a week. I learned how to build a local network through sales and became really comfortable with Tampa neighborhoods and the community at large.

I’ve been able to build confidence through these sales positions and now I leverage that in my current role with Rent It Network as a client advisor. I learned early on how to talk to people – how to introduce yourself, talk about a product or service, and explain things to people. I learned how to build trust and be a resource for whoever you’re talking to.

Now, I’m working with a full-service property management company that helps landlords and investors find a property, value it, provide brokerage services, and buy, sell, lease, manage, and maintain it. I’m focused on 12-month rentals right now with the potential for short-term leases in the future.

Where we fit into the market

I’ve seen just how much the market can change. For example, in the first half of 2022, about 80% of my callers were true investors that wanted to purchase properties in Florida. They wanted to build a portfolio or create generational wealth for their families.

Now that the market’s shifted, about 60% of my callers are accidental landlords. They got stuck with a property they just can’t sell. Maybe they got a divorce or they need out of their home for some other reason. They want to make money off it now because they can’t sell it.

Rent It Network covers much of central Florida – about five counties. We manage 100’s of properties at the moment and almost over 30 are active on the market right now. The majority of our properties are in Tampa Bay, and they are single-family, quads, duplexes, and large buildings like an 18-unit apartment complex. We also work in the St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Lakeland areas.

Lakeland in particular is a great area for investments right now, with a lot of smaller multi-family homes. Orlando is above it and Tampa is below, so everything is pushing into Lakeland. And, it’s a town with some large employers.

Kelli Bonner

Kelli Bonner

Kelli is the business development manager and client advisor for Rent It Network. She speaks with new investors, homeowners, and accidental landlords who own a property, whether single-family, duplex, or quad, when they want to determine how to get it rent-ready. She helps them value the property to assess how much rent they should charge for the area and market and teaches them how Rent It Network can help place a tenant and increase the property’s value over time.

Kelli was born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. She played sports most of her life which is how she started learning by doing. She got her real estate license after graduating from college, worked for Keller Williams briefly, and did sales for home health before joining Rent It Network.