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Christian Chenier From RPM Experts Shares Exactly How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Strategic PM Staff
Strategic PM Staff

Expert BDM, Christian Chenier, explains how he multiplied the doors he was closing by over 6x in just 14 months.

Christian Chenier has been in the business development game for many years – ever since he started selling his used toys at the flea market as a kid.

He has successfully invested in real estate, starting out self-managing his properties. After 15 years of working as an investment banker, a career that relies on commissions, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Christian started seeking other income opportunities.

He got involved with Real Property Management Experts (RPM Experts) and has been in his business development role there for 15 months. RPM’s market is about a 100-mile radius surrounding Charlotte, North Carolina.

Christian’s already making big waves for the company – particularly in how he’s been able to grow the number of doors he closes every month by more than six times. He does it by working smarter, and in this post, we’ll provide the insights Christian recently shared in Strategic PM’s Coffee with Closers series.

Christian’s Unprecedented Results for RPM Experts 

When Christian was just starting in his RPM role, he was seeing about 10 to 15 doors per month, which is considered to be pretty good. But, he heard it announced one day on a RentScale call that someone had closed a record 43 doors in just one month, and it changed his entire trajectory. He was hungry to do that, too.

One night, he was driving home from dinner with his parents, and he told them about the record 43 doors another BDM had secured, commenting that it would be a dream to beat that record. His dad responded: “Don’t call it a dream. Call it a plan.”

Christian realized that if another BDM could do it, he could, too. He started by sketching out three simple steps 1 create a goal, 2 craft a plan, and 3 execute that plan. His initial goal was to surpass those 43 doors. He wanted to be at the top and set a new record.

Fast forward to the present, and Christian has beaten that goal by quite a few doors – 95 to be exact, shattering RentScale’s scoreboard for most doors gained in a month and also setting a record for all 400+ nationwide RPM branches.

But setting the goal was the easy part. The plan to get there was more complicated.

Strategic PM Staff

Strategic PM Staff