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New AI Tools and Trends Property Managers Need to Be Watching

Jay Berube
Jay Berube

If you aren’t using AI to your advantage, you risk falling behind other PMs who are employing it. Learn how to boost your efficiency and productivity with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm and is a tool that can help scale your property management business. If you aren’t looking for every possible advantage, you run the risk of falling behind your competitors and missing growth opportunities

To optimize AI, learn about the tools and how they fit your business as much as possible. AI can automate tasks, improve your response time, and generate more leads, effectively giving you more time every day.

Using AI creates leverage for your property management firm by maximizing operational efficiency. The Strategic PM team recently sat down with Jay Berube, aka AI Jay, CMO at BetterWho, to discuss the power of artificial intelligence and which AI tools PMs can start using today to save time on the job.

Before all else, Jay believes PMs should learn to maximize AI efficiency. For example, you need to present ChatGPT with descriptive prompts to generate useful information. You also need to provide clear instructions for it to productively complete your tasks.

Jay notes, “By asking better questions, you get better answers.” No matter the AI technology your PM firm uses, learn how to communicate with the technology to get the most from it.

Much like Google requires you to use the correct search terms to find the information you need, ChatGPT requires targeted questions to dig up the data you’re looking to research.

Jay Berube

Jay Berube

Jay Berube is the co-founder and CGO of BetterWho, a consulting and global staffing company for the property management industry. With over two decades in property management and real estate, Jay has sold 1400 homes and managed over 3000 properties. He is a seasoned coach, consultant and national speaker, bringing unparalleled insights into the industry. His expertise includes advanced technologies like ChatGPT and AI, positioning him as a leader in tech-driven business success. Renowned for enhancing team performance, lead generation, and strategic planning, Jay helps clients achieve outstanding results.