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The Secret Way to Change People’s Mind


The Secrets to Influencing People to Change Their Minds: Coach’s Corner

Influence. It’s something you have to harness whether you’re a manager, salesperson, parent, or property manager. It’s not persuasion, exactly. It’s getting someone else to see the benefit of a change and think it’s their own idea. Influencing someone is a more effective approach than persuasion in helping people change their minds.

But how do you deal with resistance? What makes someone embrace necessary change? 

The expert team of coaches from RentScale are here to address this and provide their guidance on influencing people, which applies to lots of different situations we face in life. These coaches work in the trenches with industry professionals and property managers on a daily basis.

How to recognize the first signs of resistance

Change is hard for most people. They just want to stay with the status quo because they’re familiar with it. If something seems to be working, why would they want to go out of their comfort zone and change it?

When you’re trying to change someone’s mind, you’re always going to face some level of resistance. It’s already there, no matter what you say. You should expect it.

The RentScale coaching team gets together to share what they’re currently discussing with clients.

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