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The Most Cost Effective Way to Reach Local Real Estate Investors with Video

Jeremy Pound
Jeremy Pound

5 Affordable Ways to Reach Local Real Estate Investors with Video

YouTube is one of the most-used social media platforms and search engines in the world, with 122 million+ daily active users consuming more than 1 billion hours of video every day. Creating great content is a must if you want to grow your reach with local real estate investors.

People use YouTube to learn about everything. Thriving channels like Bigger Pockets and thought leaders like Ken McElroy publish content for real estate investors of all levels on an almost-daily basis. These creators simplify complex topics, giving viewers the information they need to get better at what they do.

You can advertise your brand to thousands of viewers on popular channels like YouTube in your local market for a very small investment.

Recent research shows 90% of customers say video helps them make a decision to buy. What if you could get your brand in front of your local market on screen? How would your PM business look if you could use video to grow your local network and nurture targets into leads?

Advertising on YouTube is a cost-effective way to dominate your local market online.

5 tips to tackle advertising on YouTube

First, there are business benefits of advertising your property management company on YouTube:

  • Your video ads will be targeted so they appeal to your target audience.
  • Your ad spend is low because you only pay if viewers watch.
  • You drive viewers to your ads using keywords and location data to nurture them into leads.

Here’s how to do this:

#1: Targeting and placements matter

Getting your video ads in front of viewers is key, and you need targeting and placements to help you do this. Here’s how to make sure you’re targeting your preferred area on YouTube:

  1. Click on Locations –> Enter another location –> Search for your town or area
  2. Click on Placements –> YouTube Channels –> Enter target channels such as Bigger Pockets

Location settings help you target your local audience.

Jeremy Pound

Jeremy Pound

Jeremy Pound is the CEO of RentScale and Juicy Results, two firms that help companies systematize and scale their sales. In the last decade, he has helped craft and implement online marketing strategies for countless companies that range in size from the smallest of businesses to Fortune 100 companies.