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When’s the Last Time You Took a Good, Hard Look at Your Time and Assessed What Might Be Holding You Back From Your Goals?


If you do any kind of intentional business planning, congratulations, you’re already ahead of many of your competitors.

I’ve helped hundreds of property management companies with their planning and goals over the years, and I have noticed that most companies skip the most important first step. Do you know what that is?


Staffing? But, Matt, I already have my staff in place! Most of us think “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” The problem with this mindset is that it only affords you a very low ceiling. And the whole point of intentional business planning is to raise your ceiling to new heights.

To do that,  follow these seven steps of staffing:

1. Structure. Property management companies are structured as either Portfolio, Hybrid (portfolio plus support), Departmental, or Pod. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers on how to structure your business; there ARE, however, best practices on how to structure your team to achieve next-level goals.

2. The right seats. Consider the organizational chart for your team. Bucket responsibilities into roles and decide how each will function together as a self-managing team. Fight the urge to just recreate what you currently have. Instead, truly consider what is best, independent of who is currently on your team.

3. The right people. Dig deep into your team members’ unique abilities. Create a safe space for them to reflect on which parts of their jobs they enjoy and which parts they wish they could delegate. With this information in hand, start assigning people to seats.