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Thrill of The Grill: The Birth of a Legendary Competition

The RentScale Coaches
The RentScale Coaches

How this simple grilling competition became an outrageously fun community bonding event in this preview for NARPM Nationals.

ntion and trade show where PMs from all over meet to network, strengthen ties with industry leaders, and more. The national event is a huge chance to build community and put your best face forward which is exactly what RentScale decided to do in its first outing at the Nashville National in 2019.

Jeremy Pound and Jordan Muela were filming content with a film crew in the “music city,” having a blast, when they had a brilliant idea to throw “a killer barbecue and grilling championship.” The reason was simple – RentScale would be one of many companies attending the conference and they were competing with several other firms, each throwing major parties. While they didn’t have the “firepower” that some of their competitors did, they wanted to up their game to legendary status with this exciting, dynamic, and delicious competition.

And just like that, the Thrill of The Grill (TOTG) was born. Want to learn more about the origins of this meat-slinging matchup, including how it’s inspiring a possible offshoot competition? Read on!

Rules and Judging for Thrill of The Grill

Naturally, Jeremy and Jordan knew that any good competition has rules, and TOTG was no exception. The rules they set were:

  • All competitors must use the same grill, the same cut of meat (New York strip), and begin and end cooking at the same time.
  • Competitors can spice the steaks any way they want.
  • Trash talk is encouraged!

Any good competition also has judges. TOTG’s judging process evolved from a slightly chaotic, popular vote system to a more formalized panel of judges in year two. In this system, five judges sit in the center of the room where everyone has a 360° view of them. In year two, the judges tasted every steak and, at first, there was no consensus.

The RentScale Coaches

The RentScale Coaches