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Celebrate Successes and Build Team Morale by Recognizing Your PM Team’s Achievements

Strategic PM Staff
Strategic PM Staff

Find out how boosting team morale can help property managers manage the day-to-day struggles.

Your property management company can’t do what it does without a strong team behind it. Employees are any company’s most important asset – and ensuring they’re satisfied is extremely important to stay competitive and profitable. 

Companies that boost employee morale across the board are 5.5 times more likely to increase productivity and output. 

Property managers (PMs) are constantly putting out fires. It’s just part of their job. But by including recognition and building team morale, their daily jobs can become a lot more fulfilling. 

Most people want to feel appreciated and seen. They want their contributions and achievements to be celebrated. And the good news is that there are small steps you can take right now to encourage that on your team. This post talks about why building morale is so important for PMs and how to do it well.

Why Property Manager Morale Needs to Stay High

One major challenge that property management companies face today, especially since the pandemic and subsequent tense job market, is retaining their top talent. PMs continue to seek the best opportunities out there. They’re not willing to settle.

Prioritizing positive team morale helps you battle this challenge. Your exceptional performers will stay where they feel valued. They want to work in positive, supportive environments. Keyrenter Denver, a property management company based in Denver, Colorado, is a great example of this in the industry. Their company culture was built on positivity and people-oriented management that’s driven by founder and CEO, Brandon Scholten’s, desire to make property management an enjoyable job. 

Another great example of this is the company culture built into 1836 Property Management. Founder and Broker, Matt Leschber, has cultivated a family mentality and atmosphere at the company so PMs (and the entire team) know they are truly cared about as human beings.

“When you are fully empowered, safe, respected, and trusted, you can use your role to be a great person to your customers by helping them, be a friend to them by doing right by them and care about them beyond the sale or your job, while being present in their lives. This “being vs. doing” is about building a life with those around you every day, not going to work to complete tasks and clock out,” Matt shared.

To facilitate internal growth, Matt believes a team has to know that they are cared about as people beyond their jobs, that they are praised in public and corrected in private, that time and resources are spent on knowledge building, and that success is connected to individual PMs and the team as a whole.

Strategic PM Staff

Strategic PM Staff