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Breaking Free From Mediocrity: The Destructive Impact of Tolerated Performers

Peter Lohmann
Peter Lohmann

I want you to think about someone in your company who, if you received word that they just gave their two weeks’ notice, you would feel a palpable sense of relief. That person is an example of a “tolerated performer.” Not so bad that you’d have fired them, but definitely not an A-player.

If you’re reading this magazine, I already know that you strive for excellence in all areas of your organization. However, there may be tolerated performers hiding within your company and impacting productivity, morale, and growth. Identifying these individuals and taking action is mission-critical.

I want to discuss the substantial yet often unrecognized effects of tolerated performers in property management companies. I will share my own experiences and lessons learned. Then, I will explore strategies for overcoming mediocrity by optimizing your hiring practices, establishing clear performance standards, and addressing underperformance.

What Are Tolerated Performers and Why Do They Exist?

Tolerated performers are employees who do just enough to get by, coasting in mediocrity while the area they are responsible for slowly deteriorates.

Tolerated performers exist for several reasons. 

Peter Lohmann

Peter Lohmann

I’m the co-founder and CEO of RL Property Management, a residential property management company in Columbus, Ohio. I’m also the co-owner of Criterium-Liszkay, and engineering firm located in Columbus. I live in the Olde Towne East neighborhood with my wife and young daughter.

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